Company Profile

Luftaufnahme FirmengeländePrime Drilling GmbH is specialized in the development and manufacture of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs. The company was established in 1999 by Werner Wurm and Frank Auringer and since then has grown continuously. Today our company is known worldwide for being highly competent with continuous innovation in the engineering and development of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) rigs. Only top quality materials are used in order to develop a low- maintenance and robust drilling rig with an above- average service life. Supreme drilling competence, high production quality and perfect service are the pillars that support our company. At our present 4.000 m² production area and 800 m² office area we are manufacturing solid top-quality HDD drilling rigs and components. Additionally, in 2013 the company Prime GPT GmbH, which is specialized in pumps, accessories and spare parts, became an official subsidiary of Prime Drilling.




ÜbersichtTo meet the specific demands and requirements of both national and international customers, our small but skilful workforce of approximately 70 people can draw on years of experience, sound knowledge and innovative ideas with the manufacture of horizontal directional drilling rigs. Our skilled personnel are organized in a very flat hierarchy and have been crucial in securing our company a steady high volume order book throughout its lifetime. Every single drilling rig that has left our plant in Wenden, Germany so far was tailor- made to the specifications of the respective customer and his specific requirements. “It is all custom made, everyone wants their rig and their design to be a little bit different and unique - this is where we are really strong,” comments International Sales and Service Director Ralf Kiesow on the success of the company.



Bohrung unter einem Fluss hindurchThe horizontal directional drilling rigs with a pull force of up to 6.000 KN that we manufacture for our customers enable the trenchless installation of product pipes for the supply of gas and water, for power supply or for communication purposes. The machines are used to start a bore on the surface and then proceed with the drilling in exact position under obstacles such as rivers, railway lines or streets. These bores can have a length of up to 3.000 meters and a diameter of up to 1.800 mm. Compared to conventional methods the use of HDD rigs reduces costs and saves time and is less harmful to the environment.


Since a successful bore is particularly dependent on the reliability of the drilling technology used, we attach great importance not only to high technical features of our rigs but also to robustness, low-maintenance design and extra long service life. Our drilling rigs are technically very advanced, but at the same time uncomplicated for maintenance. Our customers can find replacement parts in their local market and easily carry out necessary repairs themselves. Furthermore, the high safety standards required in this industry are not only duly fulfilled, but often even exceeded. Hubertus Bettendorf, International Sales Manager, says about the company´ s philosophy: “Customer satisfaction combined with extraordinary quality is top priority in our company. In our view we have only met the customer´s satisfaction when he receives more than he expected. The corporate objective is clearly defined:  “We strive to improve every day.” 

On all continents of the world the sophisticated technique of our drilling rigs have already proved their effectiveness and utmost reliability. Even the most adverse climate conditions to which the Prime Drilling rigs were exposed have been mastered – whether in the cold of the Arctic, in the heat of the African Sahara or in the humidity of the Brazilian Amazon region.



Furthermore our company offers a comprehensive and fast service. Day and night a team of skilled personnel with years of experience in the HDD industry is available to provide this special service. Our team of experts supervise projects all over the world, hold individual training courses on our site or if desired on the customer´s site and provide advice and support at all times. “We do not merely sell horizontal directional drilling rigs and accessories, we also offer and guarantee solutions for successful drilling works all around the world,” says Managing Director Werner Wurm. True to the company motto, “For your Success”.


Besides horizontal directional drilling rigs the company offers the complete range of HDD products. We supply mud pumps, mud mixing units, re-cycling units, reaming tools, measurement techniques, directional drill pipes and also a job-site consultancy together with adequate support with one big advantage: Everything comes from a single source!


To date more than 150 horizontal directional drilling rigs made by Prime Drilling are successfully in operation all over the world.