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Dutch network operator TenneT uses Prime Drilling rigs


To secure energy supply to about 80 million customers in Germany a more than 35,000 km long high-voltage network transfers energy from the electricity producers to the end users. One of the four supraregional network operators in Germany is the Dutch company TenneT. Within the project "Ranstad 380 kV" in the Western part of the Netherlands the company, as the first network operator in Europe, has successfully installed an about 11 km long 380kV cable into the soil. Part of the line, which passes underneath obstacles such as buildings, motorways, rivers and railways, was realised by means of computer-controlled drilling operations. For these difficult and precise works the company used Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs made by Prime Drilling.


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Impressive diversity


Throughout the HDD industry Prime Drilling is known for its innovative developments and extraordinary features. The magazine Trenchless World spoke with Ralf Kiesow, International Sales & Service Director of Prime Drilling, about the unique position of the company. Products such as the Prime Pipe Pusher, that serves for extra power with pipe pull-in, or the first Pontoon Drilling Rig for works on swampy soils or the special Multi Directional Drilling Rig give an impressive demonstration of the company´s capacity. All constructions convince by reliable technology, outstanding quality and low maintenance. "One step ahead of the future - that is the way our company works, for example with regard to the EU emission regulations for our drilling rigs", says Ralf Kiesow,"in line with our philosophy The customer is only satisfied when he got more than he expected.


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German Technology and Oriental Flair


In the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan, near the industrial city of Nukus, the crossing of the country´s longest river has been successfully realised.  Thanks to the PRIME DRILLING Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig type PD 250/90 RP designed as trailer version and the team of experts on site the installation works were completed quickly and easily. Over a length of 1,000 meters the steel product pipe of diameter 1.042 mm was pulled in under the Armudaja river. The top-quality drilling rig had to withstand the most difficult conditions prevailing in the Uzbek steppe region such as frequent desert storms and extreme temperatures. In the fine sandy, demanding soil the drilling rig impressively proved its exceptional performance. After only three weeks from start of the project the successful completion of the pipe installation was reported to the highly pleased client company, Neftegazmontajz.


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Successful premiere of "system 2" with
Prime Pipe Pusher


The first field operation of the revolutionary "system 2" was successfully realised during the relocation of the gas pipeline Moscow - St. Petersburg. Owing to the combined application of the Prime Pipe Pusher PPP 400 manufactured by Prime Drilling together with a tunnel boring system the Russian company PodzemBurStroj was able to meet the specific requirements of the project. In only one work step the bore hole under the Moskva channel was drilled and the pre-bent and pre-fabricated pipeline was installed. With this innovative pipe installation method future crossings within pipeline projects can easily be achieved with high positional accuracy, even under limited space conditions and with large-diameter steel pipes.


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Prime Drilling involved in record drilling project


The longest horizontal directional drilling in the history of HDD technology has been realized successfully in the USA by means of a Prime Drilling Rig type PD 500/120 RP-F. Being part of the 224 km gas pipeline leading from Liberty (Texas) to Eunice (Louisiana) the 3,373 m long HDD project was completed within very short time. Last summer the drilling rigs started the pilot bore from two opposite points under the river Sabine and, at the first try and within only 12 days, the two drillings met accurately at the previously calculated point without any complications.


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HDD-Drilling Rig PD 250/90 RP in the North Atlantic


Stockton Drilling Limited, one of the leading drilling companies in the United Kingdom, has successfully installed a two- kilometer supply line between the Scotish islands Orkney and Shapinsay. The customer base of the family-run company headquatered in the English city of Wakefield comprises reknown global players such as Shell, BP or E.ON UK.  Within this unique project, which required a special shock-proof and heat/cold-resistant polyethylene pipeline, the drilling rig type PD 250/90 RP manufactured by Prime Drilling ensured smooth pipe installation under the Atlantic sea bed.


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Prime Drilling in „Down Under"


In its December edition the magazine Trenchless Australasia has published an article about Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig PD 500/120 RP manufactured by Prime Drilling and currently in operation in Australia. One of the largest boring companies in Down Under, Coe Drilling, had been awarded the contract for the difficult job to install a sewage pipeline under the river Maroochy in the State of Queensland at the beginning of the year 2013. The drilling rig for this complicated project was designed and manufactured by the German boring specialist Prime Drilling.


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Prime Drilling


A company presentation of Prime Drilling was published in the European Oil and Gas Magazine, issue 100.


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Customer portrait: A.Hak Drillcon BV



A.Hak Drillcon BV is a specialist in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) crossings, direct pipe drilling methods, micro tunnelling, and auger drilling. A company presentation of A.Hak Drillcon was published in the European Oil and Gas Magazine, issue 12/2013.





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Prime Drilling


A company presentation of Prime Drilling was published in the European Business Journal.

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Prime Drilling Compact-Drilling rig with pump on board in Russian magazine


See here the new cover of the Russian magazine "World Technologies" showing the new Prime Drilling Compact-Drilling Rig with pump "on board" !











PD 250/90 RP rig in use


Here you will find a report published in the Russian magazine “ROBT” on our PD 250/90 RP rig in use at a job-site in Poland.





Boring genius

... “It is all custom made,” says international sales and service director Ralf Kiesow. “Everyone wants their design to be a little bit different and this is where we are really strong. Prime Drilling has an in-house design team that takes care of exactly what the customer requires and can even recommend designs that are more suitable where necessary. In terms of recent contracts, we sold two machines to Australia that will be used for coal seam gas drilling that were specially designed for the client. We are also about to build a machine for Nigeria that is able to sail natively. It is a drilling rig that doesn’t need a separate barge to work in swamps because it can float and maneuver itself. It’s the first one we’ve made and I believe possibly the first one in the world.”...


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PRIME DRILLING HDD-Drilling Rigs for Gas Drainage Drillings of Coal Seams in Australia


... In New South Wales and Queensland exist large near- surface deposits of high- quality hard coal, which are to be extracted by open-cast mining. With mining of these coal deposits a gas based on methane is produced called coal seam gas, which is known as “mine gas “ in Europe and which is similar to natural gas in composition. Coal seam gas is produced by the decomposition of organic components within coal deposits. In the past this gas was simply burnt, but these last 10 years it has been used more and more often to generate electricity. To be able to extract the gas, the water in the coal seam has to be pumped out first to lower the pressure inside and thus to allow for extraction of the gas. ...


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TT Technologies offers new line of
Prime Drilling HDD rigs


TT Technologies is now offering the latest line of Prime Drilling HDD drill rigs ranging in size from 72,000 pounds trough 135,000 pounds of pullback. The four new models incorporate crawler style undercarriage with an attached control cabin. The units are highly maneuverable and offer quick set up. All drills feature an open center hydraulic system with 100 percent of the oil filtered and a specially designed onboard high-pressure pump. The units are powered by water-cooled Deutz Diesel engines.


Prime Drilling specializes in complete HDD drill rig systems that utilize sate-of-art design and manufacturing. Prime Drilling rigs are modular and customized to match specific geographical and geological conditions. Prime Drilling rigs are built to last using solid engineering principals.


TT Technologies offers a wide range of trenchless tools and equipment including Grundomat piercing tools, Grundoburst pipe ramming systems and Grundocrack pneumatic and Grundoburst static pipebursting systems. TT Technologoes trenchless line also includes constant tension winches and bentonite lubrication systems.


Please find the original article here (Underground Construction,
issue December 2012)


Improvements in the pipeline for Shapinsay


Scottish Water Solutions has constructed what is believed to be one of the longest water supply subsea pipelines in the UK in order to bring cleaner, fresher water to the small island of Shapinsay in Orkney, Scotland.


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Crossing of the Lim Fjord at Aalborg in Denmark


Aalborg DänemarkWithin expansion of its power supply network the Danish power supplier N1 had charged LMR Drilling with the crossing of the Lim Fjord near Aalborg. The project required a borehole of 1,217 m in length and of 718 mm in diameter. Maximum drilling and installation depth was to be at 30 m below medium water level for legal reasons as to navigation regulations.


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Crossing shipping channel at Gulf of Finland


No Dig DagOn 12th. December 2011 the hauling of the sewer pipe of gas pipeline at the Gulf of Finland between the cities “Kronstadt” and “Lomonossow” was completed.




The complete article in Russian you can download here as pdf-file.


Prime Drilling reports about Pipepusher and X-Pumps


No Dig DagIn the current magazine of „bi Umweltbau“ 01/2012, Prime Drilling reported about the new developed pipepusher, which had been represented at the IRO in Oldenburg , and talked about the development of the series of x-pumps.



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HDD-drilling for grid connection „HelWin 1“


No Dig DagBy spring 2013 the completion of a strong grid connection of 576 MW for Off-shore wind power parks is planned to install in the North Sea, near the isle Helgoland. The project includes the construction of the 130 km long high tension direct current connection that starts at the conversion platform on sea and runs to the distribution station in Büttel. On its way from the Sea to land, the cable trays cross the coast line, which is marked by the land protection dyke a national park Schleswig-Holsteins tide lands.

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Gas pipeline passes below the river Elbe


No Dig DagIt is the longest horizontal drilling of the occidental world. However, the car driver, driving on the B5, who only rushes by, a few meters from the construction site, will hardly notice that. Only a few containers, a drill pipe carriage, a few mixing vessels, a digger – much more is not to be seen. Even at a closer glance, you cannot believe, that at this place a steel pipe line of diameter 140 cm shall appear out of the grayish muddy ground on 10th November. Completely pulled through, below the river Elbe, with help of a prepared drill hole of, anyhow, 1,80 m diameter.

The complete article you can download here in PDF in the german language.

Horizontal directional drilling technique used für pipe-by-pipe pulling-in of DN 900 ductile iron pipes in Belgium.


No Dig DagConstantly spreading built-up areas, wide multi-lane roads or complicated routes are making it increasingly difficult and expensive to replace existing pipeline-systems, or lay new ones, by the open trench technique. This is why trenchless installation techniques have been under development an in use for some 30 years now.

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1,200 m of district heating pipeline in three weeks


No Dig DagIn the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Hamm, the successful connection of the district heating went almost unnoticed: HDD drilling technology was applied to facilitate a crossing below the Dattel-Hamm canal and the River Lippe. In order to be able to supply several hundred households with district heat, 3 tunnels were drilled with respective lengths of 420 metres.

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