First HDD-Rig with integrated Prime Pipe Pusher by Prime Drilling



Prime Drilling, a leading manufacturer of horizontal directional drilling rigs, has supplied a worldwide unique HDD-Rig to its long standing customer Fenog Nigeria Limited (FNL). Inspired by an idea of Werner Wurm, Prime Drilling’s Managing Director, this exceptional machine was designed by Prime Drilling’s highly qualified personnel. The Prime Pipe Pusher, the company´s own patented innovation which mainly serves for additional push or pull force with pipe pull-in operations, was integrated into the brand new Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig PD 350/150 RP -C.



If required the drilling rig can be converted to the Prime Pipe Pusher at any location and at any time with minimal effort. With the Prime Pipe Pusher, push force is transferred via a number of tensioning chains, which are installed into a chain housing, onto the pipe to be pulled in. Every single tensioning chain fully encloses the product pipe and thus transfers a force of 100 tons.
In combination with tunnel boring machines (auger drilling) the Prime Pipe Pusher can also be used for drillings over short distances. Furthermore in case of damage the Prime Pipe Pusher guarantees safe recovery of product pipe and drill pipes, if the drilling machine itself cannot continue to provide the required pull forces.


With current drilling projects in Nigeria where pipelines for oil production are installed over thousands of kilometers in the resource-rich Niger delta, the moist and loamy soil hinders pipe pull-in operations considerably. The extra power provided by the Prime Pipe Pusher is ideally suited for such works and offers the best possible support for pipe pull-in installations. Owing to the fast and easy conversion of the HDD-Rig to Pipe Pusher, the difficult conditions on site in the Niger delta can be overcome and the previous complications with pull-in of long pipelines can be reduced to a minimum. 

Specifically for the work in the Nigerian swamps the crawler track carriage of the rig has been equipped with extra wide tracks, which prevent the 71 ton machine from sinking into the soft ground. Furthermore the adjustable anchor plate at the end of the drill mast has been designed to be a hollow section for increased uplift. The drilling rig is driven by a 470 kW diesel engine and is operated via a separate steering container. The special features of bentonite pump PD X-3.000 2,4 HD are its robust design, 7-fold bearing mounted drive shaft, long service life and optimal power transfer.


With the brand new Multifunctional Rig (2 in 1) the drilling projects in the Niger delta can be executed faster, more economically and even more effectively. The rig is impressive for its combination of not only top quality remarkable but the Prime Pipe Pusher is also a state-of-the-art technological product. The multifunctional design does not interfere at all with the individual applications of the HDD rig, so drillings and pipe pushing operations can be executed with maximum capacity. The new Multifunctional HDD Rig, for which only top-quality materials are used, has passed the strict safety and high quality tests of Prime Drilling without objection. As usual the HDD drilling rig supplied includes excellent and reliable customer service from our highly qualified and skilled personnel that are available at any time.


With the new Multifunctional Rig, Prime Drilling has proved again its reputation as innovative company, that is known in the drilling industry for original and outstanding developments. The 2-in-1 solution for universal drillings offers unprecedented possibilities for drilling projects all over the world.


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