Three Prime Drilling Rigs in Operation in Large-scale Project

We are very proud to have three of our drilling rigs currently in operation by TenneT in the Netherlands for a major project.

TenneT is installing an underground 110kV high-voltage line, covering a distance of 33 km between high-voltage power station Marnezijl (Bolsward) and Oudehaske (Heerenveen). Installations are currently in the process of being completed at four sites in Sneek, between De Hemmen and Van der Valk. For the most part the power line will run beside the A7 motorway. The installation is expected to take one year. Once installed, this cable connection will strengthen the existing high-voltage network in West Fryslân.

Especially noteworthy is that different machine models, diverse in age and pull force, work together in this project, specifically a PD 100/50 RP built in 2008, a PD 80/44 CU from 2012 and a PD 150/70 RP from 2019. It is the robust construction and durability of our machinery that enables success in major projects such as this.

Follow this link to view a video about the project installation: