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Cobbles and Boulders: No Problem!

KS Energy Services recently completed a project that combined a rough and inconsistent terrain with subzero temperatures, two factors that made this project a challenge for the contractor.

The project — which consisted of five crossings over 8,200-plus ft — took place in Janesville, Wisconsin, and involved relocating a steel natural gas pipe due to bridge repair work to the I-39 corridor. The City of Janesville is located south of the state capital of Madison and is home to approximately 63,000 people.

The natural gas line, owned by public utility Alliant Energy, based in Madison, was located right in the middle of the city’s commercial action, making the job of relocating it without much disruption to the traffic and the population an additional challenge.

This project marked the first foray for KS Energy into the maxi drill HDD market and purchased a Prime Drilling 500,000-lb rig to handle the second of the five crossings, which involved 3,600 ft of 12-in. steel product pipe. With the success of this major milestone KS continues to perform more large drill projects in 2018.

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Industry Prize 2016 Award


The Way Forward

Prime Drilling to receive its next major award

Prime Drilling has been awarded the 2016 Industry Prize for its Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs with integrated pump (“on board” x- pump). The new concept rig immediately achieved a top-ranking position within the applications submitted and finally convinced the jury.
A top-class jury of experts, which consisted of professors, specialised journalists and industry experts, formed the selected group of adjudicators. It ensured not only maximum objectivity but also maintained the unique status of the prize in the industry.
The INDUSTRY PRIZE stands for particularly progressive products with high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits.

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Powerful Rock Drilling Technology for Sweden


Hand-over of keys to Horisonterra: Ralf Kiesow (on the left), Prime Drilling´s Managing Director Werner Wurm (3rd to the left) and Jakob Kesselberg /Vretmaskin (Prime Drilling´s sales representative in Sweden) (on the right) on the occasion of the formal handover of the drilling rig to Bror Holmstedt (2nd to the left). Photo: Prime Drilling

In November 2015 the Swedish drilling company Horisonterra supplemented its pool of machinery by the most powerful rock drilling rig in Scandinavia. The HDD-rig type PD 80/44 CU manufactured by Prime Drilling is equipped with a double rod system.

One year ago Prime Drilling presented the prototype of a new rock drilling rig with double rod system on the occasion of the Oldenburg Rohrleitungsforum. The inner and outer drill pipes of this system are independently driven by two slideable rotary heads. “All existing Prime Drilling rigs can be retrofitted with this new double rod system”, describes Ralf Kiesow of Prime Drilling another special feature of the system. It allows to continue using standard drill pipes and to be supplemented by outer pipes when required. On the other hand the specially designed rock drilling rigs with double rod system can also work with single pipes.

The first drilling rig built according to this concept disposed of a pull force of 100 tons and was supplied to Israel. The second rig of 80-t pull force and with torque of 44,000 Nm was delivered to Company Horisonterra at Torsaker in Mid Sweden last autumn. “The PD 80/44 CU Rig is thus the most powerful rock drilling rig with double rod system in Scandinavia”, says Ralf Kiesow. Another two rock drilling rigs (for customers in Switzerland and in the US) are currently in production.

The first drilling rig built according to this concept disposed of a pull force of 100 tons and was supplied to Israel. The second rig of 80-t pull force and with torque of 44,000 Nm was delivered to Company Horisonterra at Torsaker in Mid Sweden last autumn. “The PD 80/44 CU Rig is thus the most powerful rock drilling rig with double rod system in Scandinavia”, says Ralf Kiesow. Another two rock drilling rigs (for customers in Switzerland and in the US) are currently in production.

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The Way Forward


 Zoom certifcate
Prime Drilling has been awarded the 2015 Industry Prize for its HDD-drill rigs featuring the integrated pipe pusher.

A top-class jury of experts, which consisted of 30 professors and specialised journalists formed the selected group of adjudicators.

By appointing this collective of experts, it ensured that an objective evaluation was reached.

The new concept rig which has high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits convinced the jury.

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Innovative PD Trailer Unit successfully in Use


For more than 2 years now trailer rig type PD 250/120 RP-T-L has successfully been operated by our American customer PUSH to their full satisfaction. The rig is designed as such as to be directly and fully operational on arrival at the jobsite. The “on board“ power pack, which is mounted directly onto the trailer, allows not only to save costs for transport and loading of a separate hydraulic station but also to avoid the time-consuming set up and installation of the cabling and hoses on the jobsite.
Another special feature of this rig on trailer is the unique telescopic mast. This newly developed system ensures protection of the long cables and hoses needed to shift the drill mast against damage and wear. Time requirements for setting up the drill rig are reduced to a minimum and the system is quickly operational at any location.
With this innovative rig, which is unique in the United States and all over the world, Prime Drilling has once more set new standards in the HDD-industry.

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Prime Drilling Calendar 2016


For the forthcoming Prime Drilling Calendar 2016 we are looking once more for your best photos of our drilling rigs and accessories on jobsites. If you have some capturing photos in high resolution and sufficient data volume please send them to Amir Mahmood ( with indication of the type of rig. The best photos will be published in the calendar and the senders will be awarded a prize.
Submission deadline: 09.10.2015


Cross-border drilling project


Within a cross-border collaboration between our customer Max Wild and company Schenk AG from Heldwill, Switzerland, a crossing under the Rhine has been successfully performed with a drilling diameter of 650 mm and a drilling length of 620 m and a total depth of 45 m. Starting point of the drilling was the German city of Konstanz and target point was Taegerwillen in Switzerland. Owing to the reliable operation of rig type PD 80/50 RP the project was completed within only 4 weeks.

Click here to view the complete report published in the magazine „bi Umweltbau 2/2015“ in German language..


Newly developped X-pump in high pressure design with easy-to-maintain valve technology


Prime Drilling presents an innovation within the patented X-pump series. To improve the high-pressure version of the X-pump even further, the valve blocks have been reinforced to better accommodate higher pressures.

We also have revised the design of the X-pump to simplify maintenance and the replacement of wear parts. The lower valve unit is now installed horizontally and enables direct access to the valves via mounting apertures.

Piston and rubber can easily be retrofitted into plunger from the front side, thus allowing for universal application of the pump. The liners simply have to be exchanged by packing kits for plunger within the existing installation space.

If you have any questions on our pump products, we and our pump expert division Prime-GPT are always ready to assist you.

Got to Mud Pump Units


River Caceribu – Petrochemical Complex of Petrobras Outfall – Itaboraí-RJ – Brazil


On February, 16th, 2015 Polidrill performed with total success the pullback operation of the 32-inch pipeline, 0,688-inch thick, 525-meter long, medium sand soil, during 6 hours, using HDD technology, with HDD rig Prime Drilling PD 250/90 RP-C, newcomer in Brazil and its peripherals.
Pipeline weight: 182 t
Pullback force: 60 t
Torque: 20 kNm
Ballast: 40 m³

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Premiere in Oldenburg: Presentation of new Rock Drilling Rig


OLDENBURG, 23.02.2015 – Prime Drilling presented the prototype of a new rock drilling rig on the occasion of the Oldenburg Rohrleitungsforum on February 19, 2015. The rig is equipped with double pipes and will be available in capacities ranging from 30 to 150 tons pull force. Prime Drilling´s Managing Director Werner Wurm confirmed that the new rock drilling rig is the first rig featuring these power levels on the market. The inner and outer drill pipes are independently driven by two slideable rotary heads. Depending on the type of rig, the drill bit that is powered by the inner pipes is available with torque 9,000 , 30,000 or 45,000 Nm. Now major details of the drive technology have been registered for patent the rig will go into series production. The Oldenburg Rohrleitungsforum was the first show to introduce this innovation to the public and Werner Wurm was very pleased with the large and positive response by the trade visitors. bi


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Rig PD 80/50 RP used in river crossing project in Italy


A PRIME DRILLING® Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig type PD 80/50 RP has been used for the drilling operation and the successful installation of a 8" pipe under the Bormida river near Mambaldone (Italy) within only six days. Covering a drilling length of 328.17 m and a height difference between entry and exit point of 11.5 m, the project was realised quickly and without any complications though the varying geology on site represented a major challenge for the equipment.


Click here to view the complete report published in the magazine "bbr" (issue 07/08 2014) in German language


Dutch network operator TenneT uses Prime Drilling rigs


To secure energy supply to about 80 million customers in Germany a more than 35,000 km long high-voltage network transfers energy from the electricity producers to the end users. One of the four supraregional network operators in Germany is the Dutch company TenneT. Within the project "Ranstad 380 kV" in the Western part of the Netherlands the company, as the first network operator in Europe, has successfully installed an about 11 km long 380kV cable into the soil. Part of the line, which passes underneath obstacles such as buildings, motorways, rivers and railways, was realised by means of computer-controlled drilling operations. For these difficult and precise works the company used Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs made by Prime Drilling.


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Impressive diversity


Throughout the HDD industry Prime Drilling is known for its innovative developments and extraordinary features. The magazine Trenchless World spoke with Ralf Kiesow, International Sales & Service Director of Prime Drilling, about the unique position of the company. Products such as the Prime Pipe Pusher, that serves for extra power with pipe pull-in, or the first Pontoon Drilling Rig for works on swampy soils or the special Multi Directional Drilling Rig give an impressive demonstration of the company´s capacity. All constructions convince by reliable technology, outstanding quality and low maintenance. "One step ahead of the future - that is the way our company works, for example with regard to the EU emission regulations for our drilling rigs", says Ralf Kiesow,"in line with our philosophy The customer is only satisfied when he got more than he expected.


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German Technology and Oriental Flair


In the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan, near the industrial city of Nukus, the crossing of the country´s longest river has been successfully realised.  Thanks to the PRIME DRILLING Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig type PD 250/90 RP designed as trailer version and the team of experts on site the installation works were completed quickly and easily. Over a length of 1,000 meters the steel product pipe of diameter 1.042 mm was pulled in under the Armudaja river. The top-quality drilling rig had to withstand the most difficult conditions prevailing in the Uzbek steppe region such as frequent desert storms and extreme temperatures. In the fine sandy, demanding soil the drilling rig impressively proved its exceptional performance. After only three weeks from start of the project the successful completion of the pipe installation was reported to the highly pleased client company, Neftegazmontajz.


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Successful premiere of "system 2" with
Prime Pipe Pusher


The first field operation of the revolutionary "system 2" was successfully realised during the relocation of the gas pipeline Moscow - St. Petersburg. Owing to the combined application of the Prime Pipe Pusher PPP 400 manufactured by Prime Drilling together with a tunnel boring system the Russian company PodzemBurStroj was able to meet the specific requirements of the project. In only one work step the bore hole under the Moskva channel was drilled and the pre-bent and pre-fabricated pipeline was installed. With this innovative pipe installation method future crossings within pipeline projects can easily be achieved with high positional accuracy, even under limited space conditions and with large-diameter steel pipes.


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Prime Drilling involved in record drilling project


The longest horizontal directional drilling in the history of HDD technology has been realized successfully in the USA by means of a Prime Drilling Rig type PD 500/120 RP-F. Being part of the 224 km gas pipeline leading from Liberty (Texas) to Eunice (Louisiana) the 3,373 m long HDD project was completed within very short time. Last summer the drilling rigs started the pilot bore from two opposite points under the river Sabine and, at the first try and within only 12 days, the two drillings met accurately at the previously calculated point without any complications.


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400-ton rig for O´Connor Utilities

Most powerful drilling rig in the UK


On January 31, 2014 Tim O´Connor received the key for the new drilling rig at Prime Drilling in Olpe, Germany. With the PD 400/150 RP-C machine, the line construction company O´Connor Utilities now possesses the most powerful Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig in the United Kingdom. Read more...


HDD-Drilling Rig PD 250/90 RP in the North Atlantic


Stockton Drilling Limited, one of the leading drilling companies in the United Kingdom, has successfully installed a two- kilometer supply line between the Scotish islands Orkney and Shapinsay. The customer base of the family-run company headquatered in the English city of Wakefield comprises reknown global players such as Shell, BP or E.ON UK.  Within this unique project, which required a special shock-proof and heat/cold-resistant polyethylene pipeline, the drilling rig type PD 250/90 RP manufactured by Prime Drilling ensured smooth pipe installation under the Atlantic sea bed.


Click here to view the whole report in English language as published in the magazine “Europe Oil & Gas”, issue no. 106.


Prime Drilling in „Down Under"


In its December edition the magazine Trenchless Australasia has published an article about Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig PD 500/120 RP manufactured by Prime Drilling and currently in operation in Australia. One of the largest boring companies in Down Under, Coe Drilling, had been awarded the contract for the difficult job to install a sewage pipeline under the river Maroochy in the State of Queensland at the beginning of the year 2013. The drilling rig for this complicated project was designed and manufactured by the German boring specialist Prime Drilling.


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First HDD-Rig with integrated Prime Pipe Pusher by Prime Drilling


With the new Multifunctional Rig, Prime Drilling has proved again its reputation as innovative company, that is known in the drilling industry for original and outstanding developments. The 2-in-1 solution for universal drillings offers unprecedented possibilities for drilling projects all over the world. Read more...


Pontoon Drilling Rig for Fenog Nigeria Limited


The unique HDD-Rig has proved to be a great success for Prime Drilling, its customer Fenog and the extensive drilling projects in the swamps of Nigeria. Owing to this revolutionary innovation, the pipelines being installed over thousands of kilometres in the Niger delta can be pulled in faster, easier and more economically in the future.Read more...


First HDD-Drill Rig with integrated Prime Pipe Pusher on the way to Africa.



Prime Drilling GmbH, a leading manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drill Rigs delivered an extraordinary HDD-Drill Rig with integrated Pipe Pusher to its long standing customer, Fenog Nigeria Limited (FNL), at the beginning of October. Read more...



Boring genius


“It is all custom made,” says international sales and service director Ralf Kiesow. “Everyone wants their design to be a little bit different and this is where we are really strong. Prime Drilling has an in-house design team that takes care of exactly what the customer requires and can even recommend designs that are more suitable where necessary. Read more...



PRIME DRILLING HDD-Drilling Rigs for Gas Drainage Drillings of Coal Seams in Australia


Mankind will obviously continue to be dependent on fossil fuels for a while. More and more new deposits of raw materials are exploited all over the world, especially deposits of oil, gas and coal. Australia is blessed with such deposits and one of the largest mining countries in the world. 10% of the global coal reserves are located  in Australia. Read more...


HDD-Compact-Drilling Rigs with X-pump on board,

300 kN - 600 kN pull force (30 t - 60 t)18 kNm - 30 kNm torque

Our Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs in the category of 300 to 600 kN pull force are powerful and technically fully developed devices. Due to their compact structure time requirements for the setting up of the drill mast in both drilling and transport positions are reduced to a minimum. Read more...



Prime Drilling innovation presented at the Intermat Show

PRIME DRILLING has presented its latest innovation - the new PRIME PIPE PUSHER - on the occasion of the INTERMAT show in Paris, which took place from 16 to 21 April 2012.


The Prime Pipe Pusher mainly serves for additional push or pull force with pipe pullback, but also offers the perfect solution for application combined with tunnel boring machines. Read more...