Prime Drilling GmbH has specialised in the development and manufacture of modern horizontal drilling rigs. Founded in 1999 by Werner Wurm and Frank Auringer, the company has grown continuously over the last years. Today our company is reknown all over the world for highest expertise and constant innovation with designing and developing of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) systems. We only use first-class materials in the development of our low-maintenance and robust drill rigs, which excel in an extra long service life. Unrivalled competence in drilling technique, high production quality and perfect service are the pillars of our company. We are currently manufacturing high-quality drill rigs and accessories on a 4,000 m² production area with 800 m² office space.



Prime Drilling stands for optimum product quality and service. "What does not fit is made to fit" - this is the motto under which we are compyling with the specific requirements and demands of our customers. Equally important is the sustainable developement of our family-owned company since the safety and the personal satisfaction of our employees are essentials parts of our success and the long-term economic security of business. Being better than the competition is a everday challenge we gladly face.

Our company claim „for your success“ means the focus of our daily actions are on the satisfaction of our customers. It also means attentively listening to our customer, purposefully applying decade-long experience and never losing sight of our quality objective. These are the values and maxims rooted in our family and company tradition with its focus on the customer at all times.

Performance is not a matter of cause, it requires effort. As a family-owned company we are meeting our daily challenges in a both down-to-earth and quality-oriented manner. Friendliness and reliability are basic principles for our actions. We are working in close partnership with our customers, openly and at eye level. Competence and efficiency in all processes - in the first consultation throughout production up to delivery of our products - are a major reason for our company´s success. Being a traditional family company enables us to operate independently on the market. We focus here on innovation, progress and a high product and service quality. In our work we combine passion with the values determined by our corporate philosophy.


First-class materials.

Sophistacted technology. Exceptional design.

Every single rig leaving our factory is tailor-made for the customer to meet his specific requirements. We offer our customers over 200 optional features with only one objective: the manufacture of a unique drill rig. From the beginnings up to the present, fascination and enth­ousiasm enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers of HDD rigs. Driven by the desire for perfection we take pride in presenting our comprehensive range of successfully operating horizontal drilliing rigs.

The merging of steel, technology and know-how result in unique products of absolute premium class.



Prime Drilling GmbH is specialized in the development and manufacture of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs. The company was established in 1999 and since then has grown continuously. Today, the name Prime Drilling stands for the highest level of competence and continuous innovation in the engineering and development of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) rigs.


On all continents of the world the sophisticated technique of our drilling rigs have already proved their effectiveness and utmost reliability. Even the most adverse climate conditions to which the Prime Drilling rigs were exposed have been mastered – whether in the cold of the Arctic, in the heat of the Africa or in the humidity of the Brazilian Amazon region.

Family tradition

As a middle-sized and family-owned company we are working in a both down-to-earth and quality-oriented manner. Furthermore we are able to work indepenent of the market and to focus on innovation, progress as well as high product and service quality.

To perfectly comply with the specific requirements and demands of both national and international customers, our highly skilled personnel relies on decade-long experience, profound expertise and innovative ideas. A flat hierarchy and the close proximity to the customer allow for timely completion of all orders in the always full books. Every single rig leaving our Wenden factory in the Sauerland region has been tailor-made for the relevant customer and specially designed to meet his individual requirements. "Everything is tailored to the customer´s specifications with us. The buyer of our products also want their machinery and their design to be individual and thus unique in the world. The project-related development and the resulting entrepreneurial success are our strengths in this segment of the market.



To continue meeting all our customers´requirements, our designers are constantly developing our rigs further.

Any customer demand is implemented to pefection and to the customer´s full satisfaction by our highly motivated personnel.

We are working according to the maxim "no can do - not with us"!

Experience is the prerequisite for the application of gained knowledge, for an optimised working procedure and for a sense for future development trends.

The entire Prime Drilling team can rely on a long experience with HDD technique and technology.

TRAINING, COMPETENCE and KNOW-HOW are of CAPITAL importance for us- to the benefit of our customers.


production area


Days of experience


Steel processed

Combining innovative materials results in increased quality and not in increased weight!

Carefully selected first-class materials guarantee a reliable, long-lasting products of leading-edge technology.

Thanks to many years of close cooperation with our certified suppliers and to our strict quality and safety tests, we have set standards in the international HDD industry with our drill rigs.